Meet suranas

Maharaja Jai Singh Ji II  (1700-1743 A.D) invited the Suranas to Jaipur as the experts in the art of creating designs for gem & jewellery and crafting timeless pieces to reflect the royalty. Today, the House of Suranas has maintained its tradition of royal past, by living up to their promise in upholding the artistic and aesthetic values that their ancestors had laid out for them. The tradition of the Rajasthan Royalty still reflects the corridors of the past, where Seth Rajmal ji Surana has created timeless
masterpieces, which are still adored. Headed by the visionary Chandra Surana, the brand has taken deep notice of the modern trends and have build an artistic
bridge between generations to create timeless pieces, and memories!

Meet suranas

Maharaja Jai Singh II (1700-1743 A.D)  invited the Suranas in acknowledgment of the family’s dedication to the Kundan art form and their ability in designing timeless pieces of art. 





Our timeless collections always reflect a sense of royalty, mixed
with immaculate designs. Going through a detailed process of
wonderful craftsmanship, each piece sits like a work of art. Our
work is our pride!


Our timeless collections reflect immaculate designs and a sense of royalty. Going through a detailed process of our karigars, each piece sits like a work of art. 

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A history as old as 300 years stands on the shoulders of our forefathers who promised timeless pieces of art in everything we do. Our present is in our history. Our history is timeless!

preserving heritage

Showcasing perseverance in preserving the legacy of almost 3 centuries, the values and heritage remain our pride and to be passed on to the next generation.

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